Birth Work

I am a birth doula and mentor, trained in Birthing From Within, offering the following services to help people through the childbearing years. I work with any adult experiencing childbearing (mamas, papas, couples, grandparents, even friends), and use the term "childbearing" to capture the experiences of biological birth, adoption, infertility, and pregnancy and infant loss. 

Book credit Pam England. Image used with permission from Birthing From Within

Book credit Pam England. Image used with permission from Birthing From Within

Birth Story Processing: Do you find yourself struggling to come to terms with a difficult birth? Are you still troubled by parts of your childbearing experience? Would you like to find some resolution, peace, or healing with this story? Birth Story Processing offers the hope of change. While we will not process your entire birth story, nor is this psychotherapy, we will spend time on specific moments that can open up profound healing and growth. Processing could involve story listening, art, and/or writing.

Birth Art: Whether you are looking to prepare for childbirth, process your birth experience, or prepare for another baby, birth art can make a profound impact. Birth art is not for making pretty pictures! Rather, it is a way to tap into your creative side and integrate the right and left brains, in order to more deeply prepare, process, and heal.

All Birth Work services consist of: 

  • One to three 60-minute sessions

  • Meeting in a quiet, kid-free space (perhaps your home or my office)

  • $50 per session


I am not currently offering private doula services. Please contact me if you would like referrals for other doulas.

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