I am thrilled to announce that as of 9.1.19, I am joining

Well + Whole Collective at

4801 1/2 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis!

How to find 4801 1/2 & Well + Whole Collective

Note that if you map “4801 1/2 Nicollet Ave. S.,” you will be routed to Nicollet Avenue NORTH. Instead, map “4801 Nicollet Ave. S.” When you get here, you will see 4801 is the address of Prospect Refuge Studio. That’s not us! To find us, go to the entrance door to the right/south of Prospect Refuge Studio, where you will see the sign for Well + Whole Collective. That’s us! If you see stairs right in front of you when you open the entrance door, you are in the right place.


Directions to my office by car

From the North: Take I-35W south to the 46th Street exit. Turn RIGHT on 46th St. Turn LEFT on Nicollet, and go two blocks to 4801 - 1/2 Nicollet Ave. S. 

From the South: Take I-35W north to the 46th Street exit. Turn LEFT on 46th St. Turn LEFT on Nicollet, and go two blocks to 4801 - 1/2 Nicollet Ave. S. 

Side street routes are also possible. Consult a map to route you via side streets. 

By bus

Bus routes 11, 18, and 46 stop right at the intersection of my office. Routes 113 and 135 stop on Grand Ave., just five short blocks away. My office is just a few blocks from the 46th St. Station, where many buses come and go.


Parking is on-street and usually plentiful. There is also a small parking lot behind the building.

Once inside

Please note that there is no receptionist in the building. If my door is open, come on in. If it is closed, you are welcome to wait in the waiting room if it is open, or in the hallway if the waiting room is in use. 


Restrooms are the first door on the right in the hallway. 


I am very sorry to say that my office is accessible only via a flight of stairs. If this presents a problem or challenge for you, please let me know, and we will do what we can to find an alternative option.

To schedule now: Client Portal